Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Good mornin peeps ,i woke up to 1 1/2 ft. of snow. But its real powdery n not wet n heavy. Scott got new guy plowin better than last 1 he had. That guy has 2 learn u need speed n momentum 2 push snow. This new does a nice job. But he has 2 learn 2 push snow back as far as he can or u run out of room. His usual job is grass cuttin,he has a grass cuttin business. Holy Snappin Sheep Ship it's cold out their must b that Arctic blast they talk aboot.Eh. Put dogs out 4 awile n my finger almost got stuck to the snap link. I heard them whimperin out there so i went 2 let them back in. I had 2 blow on link so i could thaw it out n let them loose. I was being very careful not 2 touch with my tounge or lips. Memories of public school,i have never willingly done that agin. I don't have 2 tell u what in talkin about because there is not 1 human that has'nt done it on this planet where it gets cold nuff for this 2 happen. I even think there r a few aminals out there thats done it. Wonder why kids r so gullible n some grow up bein gullible grown-ups. I've worked with a few,here at home n on the outside. Thats what we call anywhere off rez ''The Outside''. Prob udder rez's have a sayin for out there. It still snowin n cloudy cant c the comet,only the 1 on my sink. Go let my dogs out,i can let Snoopy out with another dog cause he dont go far,to cold. The sun was out here n there durin the day ,not long nuff to warm anything up. As cold as it gets there's always some1 walkin the roads even kids. Well better go check 4 me mutts..........later


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