Wednesday, January 19, 2005

''Driftin Snow''-so white out thar.

What a beautiful day ,its so clean n white out thar. I looked out 2 c my dog n he was'nt anywhere 2 b seen. Just a chain stickin out of a pile of snow. He's so comfy under the snow he aint movin. Hope he hears plowman when he comes. Still snowin a bit but mostly what's blowin around n driftin into my driveway. It's nice out but cold, not 2 cold 4 my spoiled dogs. Can't c the island 4 steam so it is a bit nippy out. I heard them last night with their ,its cold lets us in barks. But i did'nt give in,mayb i let them in 4 awile today, Good thing i checked my oil tank yesterday n ordered oil,only had a few inches on the bottom. Hope i got enuff till at least Fri. thats when he delivers to the REZ. I should im very trifty now that im unemployed.......more later mayb something ground breaking will happen to me this afternoon.......ya right.........later.


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