Sunday, February 06, 2005

''Another beaut of a day,this can't last. We gonna pay''

Another day of freezin or a bit above temps, which makes 4 nice days. Had my dogs loose to visit my bro. I should let them all out together c if they bring back rabbits agin. They make good team 4 huntin. If i wait 4 a few days mayb no snow left. Then white bunnies will b easy pickins with no snow 2 blend in 2. It supposed 2 rain Sun. n Mon. My calander just went off,my grand-daughter will b 14 on Feb.6th. They grow up 2 quick n shows u just how much older ur gettin. I'll b Jack Benny n b 49 n holdin,keep that up 4 a couple years. Any1 out there want or need a G=mail account they give me 50 2 give away. I opened 4 any1 that wants 1. With that new account i should get another 50 2 give away. I should have paid another day rental on The Grudge a movie i could watch over agin. Prob still scare the bejeesus out of me. At least im able 2 sleep after those kinds of movies. With all the lights on in the house....just kiddin. I always c or hear strange things in my house, so it don't bother me. I figure it's just family checkin on me,just long as their not comin 2 get Well i guess i go now . Gonna watch that little slut Paris Hilton on Saturday night Live. So i'll c u all tomorrow sleep tight.....check under ur bed d4 u retire 4 the night. Thats where Freddy likes 2 hide.......later.


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