Friday, February 04, 2005


Well it's 2 am. n Pebbles sent me e-mail thankin me 4 the card. So i did it right,now i'll sent e-cards 2 my friends n family. Cause i know how now,better not get 2 cocky,screw up 4sure. It was Native Design n i added a Sioux prayer [bein she's Sioux] n i added some Flute music 2 the card also. Can't remember name of tune but it's very haunting. Sent shivers up my spine when i first heard it. Speakin of Shivers my daughter rented a couple of movies The Grudge n Forgotten watch this in morn. Hey Pebbles have u seen Grudge,whatever u do don't watch it alone. Been a long time since a movie made me jump. 5 or so min's in2 the movie when u least expect it they scare hell out of you. I heard it was'nt 4 the faint of heart. My system is just gettin back 2 normal,well as normal as can b after that. Geeze my skin was crawlin after the first scare n all thru the movie. My daughters new man said it scared the kids n they live 4 these kind of flicks. As scary as that movie was could hardly stay awake till the end. Now i feel wide awake,mayb i'll watch Forgotten in here ,got dvd in my bedroom. Got myself all kinds of toys when i was workin. Was gonna tape it n Forgotten but could'nt figure out the wiring 2 tape from a dvd. Thats tomorrow's project. Only got my sub woofer n center speakers hooked up still get a good sound. If i'd hurry up n paint i could hook up the rest of my surround. Well it's 3:29am. better hit the hay.....later.


Blogger Pebbles said...

It was a nice surprise getting the card from you. I love getting things like that. Thanks again so much! Im gonna keep that prayer forever to. =)

I havent seen The Grudge yet but i want to sooo bad!!!! I plan to watch it with my sister so i wont be alone. We both already said we wont be able to sleep afterwords. Maybe i will watch it during the day on a crowded street corner lol! =P

7:25 PM  

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