Tuesday, February 08, 2005

''Why Do Doctors Have Such Huge Fingers-Is It A Pre-requiset''

Whats a good color 4 pain. My doctor is literely a pain in the ass. Just relax he say's,how u sposed 2 relax. When u hear the slap of latex,u know damn well whats comin. "OK" bend over.....doe's he really need that much lube. YES,u should c the size of his little finger..let alone the 1 he impales u with. He better hope u never had chili last night. I gotta go c the vampire next week somtime. She's good i hardly ever feel the needle, i always watch when she doe's it. U can look away she says,why what u gonna do that u don't want me 2 c. The many occasions i found myself in different hospitals i always enjoy the student nurses. Part of there trainin was takin blood. So i would always put on my,u better not hurt this Indian look. Just when their gonna poke u pull away n sit up quick. That always got a reaction out of them. But eventually i'd joke n talk with them. Because u don't want a pissed off student nurse watchin over ur bed ridden ass....lol. Well at least the doc does'nt want 2 c me till April. So Chili , Bean soup n other gasious gastronamic fare the day's leadin up 2 my next appointment. Unless they find somthin wrong in my blood or piss. I wonder what they look 4 in ur piss. One thing they'll find is lack of ''Alcohol'' in either 1. But i feel good,mayb i should have quit all that Debauchin years ago. Im still tobbaco n alcohol free. But where's all that money im savin. Im still poverty striken. My 3 dogs n 2 cats r nothin but skin n bones . How am i supposed 2 make soup out of them.........Ha,ha,ha.....j.k. My pets will never starve as long as i still have my burglery tools. Better go c my bro,startin 2 talk crazy here n given away all my secrets.........later.....BTW it's snowin agin damn was hopin 2 cut my lawn...........


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