Sunday, February 06, 2005

''SUPER BOWL SUNDAY''....YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, i was wonderin what 2day had in store 4 me,besides the Super Bowl. Should i paint ,go to church [yah right] ,reach out n touch ppl n let my fingers do the walkin. But i heard little knocks at the door. I look out n it's Kerri n Brady with bags big nuff 2 b luggage. Al say's they wanted 2 visit ,why do ppl not come right out n say can we leave the kids here. I have no prob watchin my g-kids. Kerri eats anything but Brady is still only a meat man n fries. Kerri brought her cross country ski's so i;ll watch her practice. Their startin a ski club 4 younger kids this year. Their bro's r out in Hepworth practicin for a cross country ski meet next week. We have a team of 8-9 kids who compete against other teams of 15-20 or more on their teams. But being first timers 3 years ago they still beat them n been winnin ever since. I'm very proud of my g-kids Kirk n Doug n their team mates. The same women takes the same team on Mountain Bike competitions 2. She's really somthing that women ,she know all these ppl from Toronto [police] . They help with trainin n equipment. I wonder if it's some of the Toronto cops i had run in's with back in the 80's. I met a few up here in my area, it's a small world. Well better take them 2 visit uncle George next door......more later.....


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