Monday, March 21, 2005

''YAH MON...... DAY''

Well got nice clean driveway agin. It;s gettin mild durin the day the bare ground turnin 2 mud. I got a Board meetin this aft. at 1pm. Funder gotta figure out best way to liquidate the equipment n addition that the co-op still owns. Their still tryin 2 figure out way 2 salvage co-op,but without the money we had 2 send back i don't know.

Well we had our meetin,information session really. Can't make board decision till we have a members meetin. So they can put their 2 cents in. They really miss the co-op now that they'er gettin peanuts 4 their fish. Bet they wish now they took a more active role in it. Instead of bitchin about the way things were runnin. Alot of them still don'nt get what a co-op is. Our Rez is startin a fish processin plant anyway so mayb i got job in future. Still sooner have my own business. Try 4 that CORDA grant agin this year,mayb 3rd. times a charm.EH. Well i brought Nascar race home my bro taped so i gues i watch it.......later....peeps........Hey Choonweh have gone into chat yet.


Blogger Pebbles said...

I did one night. I stayed for a few mintues then left. I havent been back since. Hope to see you there next time i return.

2:54 AM  

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