Thursday, March 17, 2005



Well dang i look outside n i c it's tryin 2 snow. As if we need more. I want what we got so far 2 melt so i can take me dogs in the bush. I plan on lossin weight n a good way is to walk. I can c it now carryin H2O n food 4 me n my mutts. A tea pail n all the fixins,chinese noodles n dry dog food. We'll have a grand old time. After April 4th won't be safe 4 a dog 2 b runnin loose. They gonna start shootin loose dogs. We got 2 many dogs runnin loose on this rez .Even sum gon wild or born wild. I had kittens born here in house that were wild. I neglected 2 bond with them after birth[well i 4got]. I uaually help mom with the birth n blow in their faces n every day or 2 do the same 2 all kittens. Till eyes open n they c ''DADDY'' LOL. Once they start walkin the first thing they learn is run when they hear electric can opener. When older cat hear can opener they compare that noise 2 feedin time. So imagine when i had 6 grown cats n 8,9 ur 10 kittens. A stampede of biblical proportions always wanted 2 use b p in a My first Sparky the dog that came with house[was my daughters dog] when i moved back home from the city of Orillia n Toronto.[back 2 my house]. The kittens used his legs 4 trees 2 climb ,poor dog did'.nt know what 2 do but let them. Cause the runt mom [a manx] was the boss of carts n dogs. But she took sick after last litter her litter died n she went in the bush n died. I would have buried her no prob. But if they can cats n dogs will go away 2 die. Well now that i have depressed myself .i'll go n share it with my Tahts all 4 now i got things 2 do n ppl 2 c.Yah


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