Wednesday, March 09, 2005

''PERDIUM DAY''paid 4 my civic duty.not much but handy.

Well that storm front moved off n i hear the east coast is gettin hit hard. Jeeze those poor brothers n sisters out there got it rough. Every storm they get theres power outage,somthing we worry bout here 2 but does'nt happen as much. Its still cold at night so my dogs come in. Always did that ,got that from my dad i guess. Their out now its a nice bright mornin. It's supposed 2 drop 2 -20 but i'll bring them in b4. Ever since my neighbours [3 mi. away] dog froze,i been real careful. I hear that poor dog was tied to house or tree n out in the open no wonder it froze. At least i spent money to make runs 4 my dogs get lotsa excersize runnin back n fourth. Let Bugs n Snoopy loose n they disappeared came back with ice beards n iccles hangin off their bellies. After Apr.1/05, any dog caught runnin loose will b destroyed. I take that 2 mean cops will b shootin strays or any dog runnin loose. Well we do have a large dog population runnin loose n some wild. Some r owned by councillors or band employees.we'll just have 2 c how that go's. Whats good 4 the gander should b good 4 the goose,so they say. We used 2 have off rez dog catcher come on rez n pick up unwanted dogs ,cats,pups n kittens. Send out flyer n ppl would tie dogs up then n b loose agin next day. Should.nt councillors n band employees b leadin by example,ya think. Guess that just means i'll be takin em around 2 pee on trees,or rather they'll b draggin me around. One way 2 get daily excersize. Which actually i could really use. I quit smokin ,i quit drinkin,now the hardest 2 do is loose weight. When snows gone i can let my dogs loose n take in the bush,its nice in the bush. Although i don't go as much. And it's only 30' away. This summer that will be my plan get me n my dogs in shape. Long as were in the bush they won't get shot 4 bein loose. I can't wait im sorta excited,must be the start off ''CABIN FEVER'' i better get out more..............go check out chat mayb ,im tired though..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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