Friday, March 18, 2005

''NUDDER FRIDAY''weeks jus flyin by.

Well it's cloudy,it's bright,it's cloudy,it's bright. Not sure what it wants 2 do. Right now sun's out n it's nice n mild. I can c open ground mayb winter's over.Ya Think. I talked to customer sevice yesterday 2 verify my free internet till Aug.[no bill till Sept.] Yah. And to get phone n internet on 1 bill,now no more nsf charges. Damn wish i had a job. Well back 2 service rep,even though i told her i got laid off n have 2 scramble 4 money. Now i have a tri mode cell phone with 100 free minutes ,car n home charger,ear piece n case comin in 5 bussiness days.A $179.00 phone for $119.95. And i had wire care now i got wire,home phone n cell phone care. I was thinkin of phone care anyway i need 3 phones fixed or replaced. And thats what this plan covers. I made sure i asked ,don't matter if u got phone from them or is old or just a new phone u just bought their covered. If thats not the case theirs gonna be a Bell telephone man get blasphemed. Wonder whar those biblical words a comin from ,could it b from the years of brain wash. Prob just me cause thats the way i am. Catcha later ,go n check on my brother. No ur not u got no coffee n ur goin 2 mooch. But thats what bro's r 4.EH...........later.....2day......ur.......2night.


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