Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Im back after a break,had a great time in Tahiti , Australia n others places of interest. I was globe trottin from the comfort of my recliner. Was'nt much of a break from bloggin cause i was still surfin n chattin n instant messagin. My service provider gave me 2 months free,cause i got laid off n told then not 2 auto debit my bank account. I was gettin hit with 25.00 nsf charge each time they tried. Said i would phone when money in bank. But no 1 told their puter ,it auto-debit same time each month. I got a call from them tellin me i was 45.00 in arrears. Well i told him of the arrangments i made n they cost me 75.00 in nsf charges ,cause of auto-debit. Put me on hold while he talked 2 billing,after 20 min. of muzac[god i hate bein put on hold] he came back n said i have good news. They givin me free service till Aug. so i can surf 2 my hearts desire till Aug. n then back 2 Mayb by that time i'll have high speed. At my last public works meetin i talked with our councillor liason about high speed on rez. He said they had at Economic Development. And up front cost would b 500.00 bucks u need receiver to get signal. Mayb i'll go over there 2day n look at. Mayb i and my bro can go half on receiver n put both our houses on it . Not sure if u still need phone line or not. Their peeps from here[in patnership with white folks] startin it so mayb i get them 2 come n give me thier shpeel . Mayb b i gotts sigh my life If i had high speed mayb their would'nt be so much profanity emminatin from my i check this out.............


Blogger Pebbles said...

Lucky duck! You get free internet till August? Thats great! =)

10:01 PM  
Blogger Spook said...

I use EviLyrics with my Winamp, it displays the lyrics to songs as I play them. The sites EviLyrics uses are here. Enjoy

10:55 PM  

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