Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I looked out my front window this morn just to c how much snow we got. I saw 2 sun's tryin 2 peek thru the clouds. The 1 on right our usual n the 1 on the left had a rainbow attached 2 it. Weird i was thinkin,hmmmmmm,wonder if that means somthing. If it doe's i hope it's good. Did.nt get as much snow as i thought we'd get . Went n checked on my brother yesterday just as it started. Stopped by his mail-box ,it was left open so it was full of snow. Some1 walked by me on other side of road 30 ' away did;nt even c me.lol. Snow blowin so bad i would'nt b walkin on road. Wind blowin so hard can't hear anythin or any car comin. Just a kid all piss n vinigar. Can't talk i and a friend of mine walked 6-7 miles in a blizzard just to get ingrediants to make home brew. Young n foolish ,oh i miss those days somtimes. Well anyway after i left my brothers could hardly breath the wind just took ur breath away. And the snow/sleet was hard on the face. He only a 100ft. away from my house but am i glad it was'nt further.Its a bright beautiful day out but cold. My dogs r out but prob want in later. Sparky my husky x chow is sheddin so i thought i'd comb his coat out. Hope i did'nt ruin his insulation,i never even concidered that. He went from lookin like a well fed dog to 1 that had drastic weight loss. Real slim n trim lookin, im jealous now. But he still got plenty of fur clumps to drop all over the house. My comfortors is made of mo-hair now ,hmmm,when did i buy mo-hair. Glad Snoopy n Bugs r short haired mutts. I'll have to put my Alabama Roll-Tide sweat shirt on him,a present from my x son in-law. Picture Jethro Bodine[Beverly Hillbillies] big n strong like bull smart like fence post. My aplogies 2 all fence posts.lol. Hey Choonweh ,i sent the managers e-mail askin how long it would take to ok ur membership. Mayb sooner now that i told them i know ya. My plowman here to dig me outso catch ya later......


Blogger Pebbles said...

Thanks Teddy! =)

2:42 PM  

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