Friday, April 22, 2005


The one section i cleared really makes a big difference. Take me 4ever to move all the brush to fire i thought. But i borrowed a pitch fork n it did the trick ,use as a rake n make windrows n move towards fire all at once. Took a fraction of the time if i grabbed an armfull n carried to fire. Just a bit more here n there behind my house n to the other side and ill be done . Just get some fill brought in n level n plant grass. I can see it now a lush green expanse surrounding me n my bro's homes. Mayb we can pitch in for a riding lawn mower even he could cut grass then. But i remember him out cuttin grass on his crutches,he bought a self proppeled lawn mower. Polio never got him down. Don't know if i'll get anythin done tomorrow it sposed to snow it's really coolin off right now. We had a few really frosty mornings the past week. Still never got my tower although my cuz said he's help but never showed up. I don't know why some ppl are like that,they can't say no. They tell you ya i'll help n u wait for them n they don't show up. All he had to do was go n wash out fish boxes n be right over. Oh well if it was'nt so awkward i'd do it my self. You would be surprised how many 2 man jobs ive done myself. I'll ask my grandson'he'll come down when he gets home. Our chief's of Cape Croker n Saugeen had a piece in the paper. As soon as i can i'll put link or copy to blog. It was in response to the bad press we got when the net was supposedly found at Colpoys Bay dock,by an angler. I may have mentioned b4 that it is almost impossible for a net to wash up there. With heavy anchors at each end it's not gonna drift. And if it freeze's to ice it get dragged out of bay wiyh ice flow not in. According to response the net was looked at by our ppl and it looked like the anchor lines were cut and net brought in,which is illegal. They asked MNR to investigate ,don't hold your breath i say. The water was cold enough some the fish could have been salvaged n processed. See what i mean about the non-native will do anything to make us look bad. It does'nt take a genious to see theres a difference ,when a ropes has snapped fron tension[dragged by ice]and a rope that has been cut. So i hope that Nish Hater gets charged. I think MNR will have to do something ,because they know any news about Nawash and the fishery gets noticed. What ever happens here will affect other First Nations,fightin for their fishery. Well gotta get off my box n watch news n see if Martin suffers another attack of Foot In Mouth Disease...........later.


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