Saturday, April 23, 2005

''STILL SNOWIN''n it's not meltin now.

Gonna watch Unforgiven with Squint Eastwood 2night after i post. Decided to take a peek out and we got 2 inches a snow now . Be alot more come morn. So much for gettin my tower up. Damn my cuz pissed me off last night n he never even stopped by. He at least coulda said why he did'nt make it last night,oh well he'll need a favor someday. I should know better he not known for bein dependable. But if he needs help i'll probably help him. Sure was a short summer we had. Well one good thing firemen will get a break not so much here but off Rez. Although our fire dept. was busy. My son called 2night he has one more thing he has to get done and then he will go to camp. I guess now days there's more to it than just doin your time. At least he got his diploma n learned a trade inside. He figures in a couplea months he'll go to Beaver Creek no walls ,fences or razor wire. It's only 3 1/2 hours from here more like 5-6 where he is now n those are one way drivin times. Use up a better part of a day drivin. I'll be stoppin off at Casino Rama on way home from visit. Im usually lucky there,gotta remember to shake up my medicine Squint gonna start soon .........later ppl.


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