Friday, May 27, 2005


I wanted to start up ''Makwa's Net-Manufacturing-Salvage-Repair and Supplies''. I've tried for the past 2 years to apply for a CORDA grant.
As i have mentioned b4 my past deeds prevent me from goin the Loan route. But im not puttin the blame anywhere else but on my head. Im not sure if it was my application this time that was not up to snuff. But letter stated the commitee was unable to approve all applications but to re-apply again for 2005. Dead-line bein Oct.1,2005. So mayb was'nt my app. My cuz/band councillor said mayb i should go the Cold storage, freezer and Ice Making. Since all our fisherman got no ready place to get ice close by. And a place to store their fish. It would be no prob to make building big enough for my Net Making in future. And if the place is Federaly certified the fish could be legally sorted if Boston Market buys agin come fall run and mayb spring. Since this gonna be a bigger project im gonna need Mr. G's help. I got a guy comin this week give me estimate on site prep. For now i can go with a building 50x50 just to get things rolling. Don't know which way to go a pre-fab steel building or a wood frame building,i got a friend i can ask about that. So Darcy thats it, a partial picture of my plan for the future. Mayb in a month i'll have a better picture to share with yall.
Well later ppl gotta go check on my dogs,their goin nuts out there. Mayb my brother Makwa more likely a coon, skunk or possum.


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