Sunday, May 22, 2005


IF YA PLAN ON GOIN TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY U SHOULD'NT GO TO BED AT 3:45AM. Sorry for yellin,damn caps lock. My pinky finger just in the road does what ever it pleases. I was on-line with some1 n a good movie was on. Time flies n u don't feel tired when ur havin fun instant messaging. Kid's here time go wait for church bus.....later

Had Kerri,kirk,brady n a friend/cuz come to church with us. A few more ppl there this Sunday. I had a talk with the minister Maggie about how far back church records go . I want to try n make some sort of family tree. I gave her my Dad's full name n when he died same for my Mom. It gonna be hard since my parents were'nt married ,although they had same last name. They married different ppl thats where auntie Vel n Vi come from. So my brother next door n me are the only blood other than Janet a baby died young. But we got brothers n sisters from their previous marrages. To us their still tru brothers n sisters 1/2 is a white mans term. If ya think about it our ppl are still more full blooded than the white society. We only took up with white women or white men. 1 nish 1 white and how many different nationalities water there blood down. No true french,english,
italian or whatever a mixture of what ever they got in europe. And their the one's tryin that bull-shit blood -quantum or what ever the hell u call it. And some native rez's are followin the same thing. Followin the white-mans lead agin. Don't ppl learn from their first mistakes. No matter what they'll never water down native blood out of existence. They seem to have forgotten the term throw back. Like two fair skinned ppl havin a black or dark baby cause way back their was a Black or mayb Nish in the family tree. Thats what comes to mind when i think of what was told to my aunt Florence,by a granfather or elder when she was a little girl. A prediction that Indian will come back after the white kills them selves off. Mayb for a generation or two the babies will all be born true lookin Nish. I hope ya get what im tryin to put across to u. It's hard for me to put into words. If not, it's for me really anyway,just tryin to share. Extreme makeover was very good tonight it was about Lori Piestewa's family. She first Native american killed in Iraq. Im Canadian n im still proud of her. Another white thing that border that separates the 2 countries. Way back when our ppl may have inter married or whatever ya call it way back when. The fur skin wrap around or blanket of some sort involved. Seem's to me anyway but i could be wrong. It was a very good show about time they had a Native American on the receiving end. Not only did they get a house but the Navajo veterans got a meeting hall. Damn near to late can't be that many vet;s left from war....Time for news n a movie.


Blogger darcey said...

K Teddy - I'm waiting for you to write about poundmaker!

7:29 PM  

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