Monday, May 23, 2005


If ya celebrate Vic Day then happy if not ''ga day EH.'' I can see my lawn n all the rocks n sticks that were hid in it. My g-kids come to cut my grass n my cuz 2. Poor Kirk i had to doctor him up he was cuttin grass where it's rocky and a stone flew out and hit him in the shin''OUCH''. My poor g-son tryin not to cry ,i know how that must have hurt. So i got out the ointment n bandage,of course first thing all kid's ask is ,if it's gonna hurt. Thank god they don't use ,ah hell what was that stuff that burned like hell when they put it on cuts. I heard when he got home yesterday he played his sore leg for all it was worth. And i cleaned out my basement,wish i had a pressure washer. I'd take out all my insulation n wash the whole basement. I had to use it for dog pen when my daughter left her prego dog here. I had 7 pups n the mother down there. That was 2 years ago n can't get rid of odor and stains on the floor. Mayb i'll boil a pot of cedar browse mayb the steam from this will kill the smell. And swab down the walls n floor. Any hints how to get rid of my prob. Always enjoy my grand-kids when their here. i wish i could see the other one's more,not since last summer. I was yard sailin with a friend n i went shoppin for my daughters.Cheap or what,EH. It's summer now mayb i'll go spend weekend with them. They only live 10-12 mi.
away. But mayb i mentioned her and her sister are sort of on the outs. Thats all im sayin bout that.

Been fallin behind on my Nish new's source and political news. Like mayb May 20th last time i read anything. Mayb news of the Dirrrrrty Girl affected me somehow. The first defection i've ever seen first hand at least thats what i call it. And she did'nt need all here feminin wiles. Wonder if Martin ever wanted a women so bad in his life and was it that day. Betcha he almost came when she walked so provacatively across the floor. He should of ran to meet her Dudley would have,flash back of ''10''. If any1 out there's care's about their own Rez and what might n could happen there. Well have i got a link for u ,mayb there's even a way to help those poor ppl. Just link to Dust My Broom.
And scroll down to May 20th. till u get to Trouble in Poundmaker. And while ur at it read all that's offerd there. It's a good read some u may or may not agree with with but i like it. And it's hard for me to find somthing i'll keep goin back to. I found it a coupla months ago n lost in in my favorites,i think thats the same place missin socks go. Anyway thanx to APTN blog links i found agin. I may as well push that link while im at it. There are links there to other Nish bloggers from Turtle Island and the world. And they finally have a place to voice whatever they want to. I've even suggested a link or two to add ,since they ask u to. Thru the years i wondered if anything like that went on here on my Rez. I know some ppl have nice shore lots and some even got alot of acreage. And is it coincidence that they were part of our political body. My Dad was on council back in the sixties and all we got is the same land we had back then. So that tells me my Pop was a ''HONEST iNJIN''. im proud of that. I guess i'll wait till tomorrow to catch up on my readin. And post some comments here and there.......later


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