Tuesday, May 24, 2005

''Fishing Agreement Meeting''

We finally got a Fishin Agreement in principal. I guess u call it that till u dot the i's n cross the t's. But each agreement is better than the last. The fisherman turn out was not very good, only 1 tug fisherman turned up but was not happy. He's stuck on this Inherant Right argument. Some things don't fit into this agreement but into our land claim. So that is another kettle of worms. Once it's been signed formally than i can be specific. They got till July 15 th. to finalize everything . Thats when the election is. I got a ride home with a cuz, councillor. He's not runnin this time to spend more time with family. He offerd to help me with my bussiness venture. I think i'll change it from net repair n making to ice making and cold storage. The fisherman need ice and a place to store their fish. That was his idea ,he knows other places to go for funding. But since all my years of debauchery ruined my credit, i can't go the usual route the bank i mean. I have to go for grants and some places like DIAND will match funding. But the prob is gettin the money for them to match. I can make a building big enough for net making,just need a space twenty feet wide n run it the length of the building. So mayb meet with him tomorrow n start plannin,cause im at a loss on how to start. Well go on line n see if i can price ice makin machine[5 ton] n cooler n freezer compartments.........later.


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