Friday, May 20, 2005

''JUMP-PAY DAY''every 20th. of month.

Posted Jump-pay Day falling on a regular payday in the chat rooms. Just to see if any1 knows what im talkin about. Think they call it child tax credit now. Used to be called Family allowance back when i was a kid,6-8 bucks/month/child and a whole 20.00 for high school. Not much planned for 2day cept yard work n goin in the bush. Gotta get my grass cut n more garbage hauled away. My yard is a mess with limbs down from high winds we've had. Things seemed to have settled down in the room. Was gettin kind of tense there for a bit,what with ppl bitchin. Keep it to ur self and just leave if its not the room for u. U don't need to get every1 worked up about what u dislike about room. So what if it;s not the what u think it should be,the members r the 1's whole will make it. Blamin the managers for the way the room is. It's us members that make the room. It will eventually evolve into somthing good. She has'nt posted so i think she left. If ur not happy why stay,mayb i made her mad when i said ''Don't let door hit ya in the ass on ur way out'' i was just tryin to break the tension,meant it as a joke. And i said so. I spoke a bit on this last night. And i read the Schedual wrong that hottie Liza Kudrow is on 2night. So jump on chat 4 a bit then Jay Leno........later...ppl.


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