Wednesday, June 29, 2005

''STILL VERY WARMISH''birds r walkin it so hot.

Another hot day after all,sure fooled me this morn. I looked out my bedroom window n saw the fog rollin in n thought it gonna cool off. NOT. I think it was steam comin off the This is August temp's what it gonna be like in Aog. 105-110 deg. Even sitin in livin room with ceilin fan n box fan just blew hot air around. Give my dependants fresh water thru the day even my wild birds. Think i'll make a place for the squarrels to drink. Hey Darcy r ya gettin close to floodin,keep safe. Already heard of one guy gettin washed away missed the main story but i heard that much. And Pebbles got ur ticket to Alaska yet to escape the heat. Wave as u fly over u gotta cross my Rez's air space to get there. Went to check on my brother but was;nt home mayb ball game on n he at the ball park. Im glad he got that scooter he can get around more now. Thanx to our sis for gettin the ball rollin to find raise for the scooter , DIAND only covers so much of total cost. Our Fire Dept held fund raisers to n i think our Bingo donated some proceeds. Our ppl come together sometimes. July almost here ,hard to believe it's been 10 years on July 8 th. since my son got killed. He woulda been 29 this year he just turned 19 when he was killed. The hardest month of the year other than his brothers b-day. He'll be done 8 years come Jan. , hopefully he'll go to camp soon so i can visit. It will only be a 3-4 hour trip than instead of 8-9. Well better change subject to my g-kids. They really helped out after the church function they stopped after school n helped put things away paid them in cakes n other pastrys. All the food was gone but it was a good time. I would have invited them if i thought of it,brain slow these better hit the hay or go check out chat instead....later ppl.


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