Thursday, July 07, 2005


Went to candidates night to listen to all the campaign promises. My brother beat me There was'nt to many at first but sure soon filled up. I really want a new chief n a new council they need new blood . And we need a chief with more balls ,some1 not scared to rock the boat. I pretty well had my choices made from from the list. But it helps to hear them talk to c if it sounds like bull shit or not . They had the ppl runnin for chief first than the ones runnin for council. I did'nt get home till after 11 pm. Went outside n waited for my brother to come by from the hall. I know he has lights n reflectors on his scooter but still i worry. He can clip along at a good sped in day light but not at night. Mayb buy him a halogin light so he can see rough spots n pot holes on the road. One of the candidates is our water treatment worker n said he rented the hall for the 12th to hold a info meetin about our water. I hope lotsa ppl show up for it,i 've concerns about our water since for a while now. I brought them up in Public works commitee b4 we were dissolved. I found out there are lotsa ppl that don't drink our water n one of them was our councillor liason for our commitee. I have lotsa guestions for our next council,i want some answers.


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