Monday, July 04, 2005


Try agin,lost the last post here. Try n remember what i wrote. The cerimony at the wakes was good they had drummers and singers my daughter Sheila sang a coupla times. Sure surprised me i did'nt know she was into it.Im glad she is . Saw her kids my g-kids first time since last summer. They only live 8-10 miles away but no wheels no visitin. The Deacon and our minister said a few words as well as our chief. But when the drum starts at the cemetary her wish was that every1 walk away so as to let go. Every1 went back to community centre to eat n relax. My brother told me when i got their that morn their was another death. So the family had to leave n catch the ferry to go up north for another funeral. I would go if i had the finances. But had to settle for givin Germaine a hug it was her brother. Sad time for me to ,been 10 years since my son got killed. His buddy my cuz died the same week-end so we had two funerals that week n my other cuz died just after. So the month of my b-day means nothin now just another day. I think im over the hurt but i still miss him deeply. I asked Winona to say hi to him n the rest of my friend and family that have passed on b4. I always ask the same of ppl that pass on to say hi n we doin fine. Im glad my brother has a scooter now he can go to these wakes funerals and anything else that happens here. Well better go to bed early or try anyway.


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