Sunday, July 03, 2005


Winona passed away on Thursday,i missed the wake on Friday night. Hard to get info n u don't really wanna bother the family. My sisters mom but she was like a mother to me as are all elders. I made the wake Saturday night n stayed with the grand son to tend the Sacred Fire. My cuz Melvin took over next mornin. Had planned on stayin Sunday night too but got stomach flu. There a good turn out far as wakes go ,i met alota family. Once agin i said we gotta get together more n not just for funerals. Seem's like thats when our or any family gets together. Kinda embarrasing when u don't recognize ur own niece or she don't recognize They had a slide show of old pics running off a computor,i went thru some pics with my bro to add . I found some of my dad in the not sure section of pics but i was able to tell who some were. So we added some new pics to the slide show. They have 100's of pics n Butch is gonna make me a copy of the old pics. And his niece has a bunch of old pics she gonna make a copy for me. I have next to no old pics none of me or my family. I have to try n make up some disc's so my grand-kids will know our family. Well i better get to bed early goin back to community centre tomorrow morn early.


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