Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Well i and the other ppl at the meeting got an ear full. If even half of what he mentioned that was wrong with our water their gonna be a lot of explainin to do. He also mentioned he met with council last night n today he got fired. Wonder if Canada has a whistle blower law. He said he met with the council of the day in 1995 n voiced his concerns n was threatened with his job n to be quiet and agin in 2000 n same responce. So this time he was holdin this meetin to give info even if it meant his job n it did. Meetin was for 7-8 pm n at 5 pm he got notice of termination of employment. I don't worry about me but i have children n grand children and younger family members n friend i worry about. So i guess we gotta wait till after election to see if he gets re hired. He's the only one licenced to operate the treatment plant. We have till 2006 to have sone1 in place or Indian Affairs will put some1 in place. Since they hold the purse string i think they got us over a barrel. Well we don't have to worry about third party stewardship or what ever ya call it when the gov sends some1 to look after ur finances. We in a bit of a bind but not as bad as some REZ's.


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