Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I got my bud Hey-Yah to drive me around the Rez as i had ppl to see and things to do. Went to band office a 1/2 mile away if that,the roads were driftin in real bad. The wind comin of the Bay and causing drifts. He said he almost hit our Rez cops after hittin a drift. That hardly seems likly cause they're never around. And thats the opinion of the the majority of the people. They dont seem to think that we/Chief n Council are not there bosses. Fire Em all i say they hav;nt sloved a crime since they been here. Not that i've heard anyway. Mayb im still miffed at Sgt. Bull Stevens arresting me and pouring out my 2 Mickeys of 5 Star back in the 70' He thru me in our jail we had attached to Fire Hall/Ambulance/Cop Shop. I was occupant #2 my cuz beat me a few weeks And a fellow boozer was my jail keeper,could'nt talk him into lettin me go. Never hitch-hike a Rez church bus and pass out,never know where you'll wake up. I woke up in Toronto one time but thats another story. Thats why people call them ''Unsolved Mysteries''. I'll talk to them but i got no use for any of them. When my oldest son got run over by drunk driver it was Keyston Cops far as im concerned. The stupid fugger [cop]drove me to town to id his body at hospital. And the guy who owned the car was in back seat of cruiser. I found this out after. His friend the one drivin was in jail. I had heard stories that they guy drivin had a scuffle or something at the Snake Pit with my son. Sometime after that he left to walk home and never made it. I got some1 to drive me around at the same time he was hit and there was plenty of lifgt to see by. So i still believe he got run over on purpose. The guy got what amounted to no more than a slap on the wrist. Maybe if our cops woulda done a better job and got the guy Prison time ,i'd prob still have no use for them. To make things worse my youngest is in prison......blamed for killin the guy. I still think he is taking the blame for somebody. Thats another story floatin around ,i've heard. And another is there was a person not my son that went to a house on the rez and was covered in blood. I actually don't know what went on in court,i was given notice i had to attend court as witness. I sat in the first day for a hour or so and then for some reAson they give me the boot. Next day same thing sit out side court room all day for nothin. So next day i said fug em and stayed home. So i don't know if any of those stories made it in as evidence. What can you do it's white mans court and cops and besides it was only NDN'S. Well i better go and have a coffee or somthin,gettin worked up here...........


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