Friday, February 10, 2006


I was just catching up on posting to Native chat Rooms and reading all my spam/e-mail. With all that has happened the past few days,i have really fallen behind. Good thing not all the rooms are busy. Oh,well i'll get caught up it's not like i got a job but soon i should here about my grant. I had another hoop i had to jump thru.
Got message on my phone that the council was holding a meeting on the past crisis. I phoned my neighbour to get update as i had a commitment already. But she said it was a supervisors meeting and on such short noctice or no notice to public. Agin this makes me think they dont want to meet with people and get ''Hell' for dropping the ball,after all we voted them in to look after our affairs and us. She also told me they said this meeting was'nt to let off steam about what happened or did'nt happen. Agin i say who better to let them know whats wrong with this picture than the people that could'nt afford motel/hotel rooms and stuck it out on the ''REZ''. Sure this is nothing compared to our brothers and sisters in the east,seems like everytime they get any kinda storm the first thing they lose is power and communication. But since thats whats been happening for years they prepare for it. Power outages are not as common around here due to storm. But years ago when Ontario Hydro cut back on there under brushing this is the result. They used to cut back and top the trees,i remember this as a kid. They used to burn the brush now they got chippers. Wonder how much this outage cost them. They just fixed a line and another tree comes down and have to fix agin. Snowplows could'nt
clear the road so hydro could get in because of fallen lines. So we lucky it was only 4 days,but they said it could go out agin. I got so many trees that got iced then snow built up that they snapped mostly ceders can't or hav'nt gone back in the bush to see how bad it is back there. This got me thinkin i better prepare for next time,instead of saying i'll do it later. Im like you guys i procrastinate why do now what you can put off till whenever. They're calling for another storm so agin im not ready if power goes off. I can hold out here to sleep,i can't leave my 2 cats and 3 dogs to fend for them selves. I had offers to stay at my sisters and daughters but i got to look after my Furry kids ,im responsible for their well being,if not i should'nt have pets. If i go away i usually get my g-son to house and pet sit. He's a good boy,good worker to although i over paid him ha,ha,ha,his help really come in handy when i had fish nets to get done before snow hit. When its minus deg., weather they're house pets. Long as i don't lose anymore food at least my pets were happy. Unless your freezer is full it don't last longer then 48 hours before things thaw out. I stuck my frozen foods outside to late. Im freezing and the inside of freezer was warmer cause water was drippin when i got something out to take to bro's to cook. And would'nt yah know it no insurance besides it's $500.00 deductable anyway can't afford that much food in my freezer.Ha,ha,ha. If we lose power agin it will be this weekend just like last week. I hope this is'nt a weekly thing till spring comes in June. I probably had more to bitch about but i forgot ,when and if i remember i fill yah in.........later.......''PREPARE NOW FOR POTENTIAL CRISIS DON'T WAIT.


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