Sunday, February 05, 2006

''Brrrrrrrr,Day 2''

Got up at 6am ,went to my bros at 7:00 to thaw out and cook breakfast. Mayb i should get propane cook stove. His power came on about 10 am so i got on comp to check my spam. Waitin for an e-mail. But the phones are still out. I needed a coffee real bad so i boiled some water and put the basket from his coffee maker in it. Im so smart it scare's me sometime's. Im glad he's got propane so he has heat n can cook. Power still blinks on n off. Radio said mayb by 10 am tomorrow power will be restored then my side should have power. I wont hold my breath. I go back n forth hoping my power will be on. Drywall retains heat so my house should'nt get real cold to soon. Maybe to-night will be colder. Stay here n watch tv till 10 or till power goes out.


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