Monday, February 06, 2006


That was a bit colder,i decided to sleep on re-cliner. My cats slept with me one on me and the other climbed under the covers. My drywall lost the heat it had stored so it gettin colder. If my cats are cold then agin mayb they just like me. My dogs are in to its cold for them if it goes below -5 i bring the animals in. My dad always did and his dad beside back then all dogs were indoor/outdoor house dogs.Still no phone and nobody came around here or my brothers to check to see how we were doin. My bros had power on more than its off. Yesterday the 3rd 1/4 of Super Bowl and power went off. I was on comp and same thing got my e-mail sent anyway. Had to let my aunt know we ok since phones are dead she be gettin worried. They said our power be on 10 am,4pm,8pm now 10pm. When it was Ontario Hydro they made big cut backs so they dont cut back the trees like they used to. Wonder how much money they saved and now i wonder how much it gonna cost to fix all the lines that are dowm. They fix one area then a tree comes down and they gotta go back and fix it agin. I don't expect my power till tomorrow or next day. Another storm front comin depending who you listen to. Well go home and crawl into my caccoon.


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