Saturday, February 04, 2006


This was the coldest few days i've spent indoors in awhile. The late 70's when me Eugene,Franklin,Charlie and Fred spent the winter in the tin shacks up in Willow Creek our hunting grounds. We were up there logging,to make lumber to build cheaper housing. At least that was the plan but we got took by the white man agin. Thats a story for another time. Ok ,where was i,before i interupted myself. It was real wet snow and damn near rain all afternoon and towards evening she really started to come down. We were supposed to get plain old snow and furthur south was to get what we got.Well anyway on Saturday night i was watchin Toronto Maple Leafs winning 4-0 and during 2nd intermission the lights blinked off and on and they finally went out. Not long after the phones went dead. I was able to phone my daughter to see if they were ok. I worry more about people than when i was younger.My bro's lights next door were on ,he's on a separate line. I guess every 2nd or 3rd house on the same line to spread power surge when power comes back on. Learn somthing every day. My bro will be ok he has propane radiant heaters,cooking stove n water heater. So i got a place to go thaw out and cook.Early to bed 2 night hard to read by candle light.


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