Sunday, January 01, 2006


The world never ended ,were still here. Lets see if we can improve our world. Every little bit helps.Poop & Scoop,Don't Litter,Turn Down the Heat,etc,etc,etc. As it turned mid-night i looked at my animals ,not sure what i expected to see. Maybe just what i saw,they were all asleep just another night to them. Not a care in the world,their well looked after. And just like when i had kids home i worry about them when their gone to long. Always thinking someone gonna stop by agin and say i hit your dog,cat or whatever. But not everybody stops,a few but not many. I have a pet cemetary in front of my house,dogs,cats to numerous to mention. A friend of mine lost a pup one winter and i think she still has it in her freezer. At least a month ago it was still their,its winter agin so gotta wait till spring for burial. Must have freezer burn by now. Maybe i'll see if her offer of bear meat is still open,longs as i dont get dog. Speaking of, my aunt did some Oriental people a favor one time. Brought their daughter home cause she was stranded at school,they lived in same building. Sometime after the mother called my aunt and asked if she wanted miiit,so my aunt said,ok. My aunt thought she meant mitts. So when this women come by with a dish of meat she was surprised. When she called and told me the story i wondered if it might be dog. She did not recognize what kind of meat it was,but the women being oriental she guessed. Her good chinese friend up-stairs came down to see what kind of meat it was ,it was dog. So she asked if he ate dog,he said yes so she gave it to him. Just his daughter is westernized now and don't eat dog. But she loves good ole ndn soup, stew or what ever we grew up with,bannock and fry bread too. Just made my self hungary so catch yah later. HAPPY NEW YEAR''


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