Tuesday, February 07, 2006


That was a friggin cold night last night. Even though it was cold my fridge freezer and my freezer thawed out so i put food outside to re-freeze. Some of it thawed completely. Damn,should have checked the main freezer sooner it was dripping water. Hav'nt been able to keep full of food. But gonna have to start freezing bottled water agin prepare for next time. It will help keep cold longer. A friend came over to my bros so i made breakfast for all of us. Power's on in town so our buddy went shopping for food you dont have to cook. He said the shelves were bare at the IGA. Faskback to Y2K. My bud went to my place to get tea bags and he phoned me and said my power was on. Two pm this aft my power n phone came on or there abouts. First thing i did was phone my daughter to see if her sister was out there with her. I worry to much thats why i got grey so soon. After i moved home to look after my kids i got grey hair fast. I went home at 3 pm and my furnace was still running it quit about 4:30 pm or so. Took that long to heat my house and it gonna cycle more often till the house gets heated up agin. I gotta go online n let my chat buds know im not froze and phone the family.


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