Tuesday, November 30, 2004

''I Don't Like Mondays''-where's my gun-j k

I woke up 4:30 or so, get up let dog n cat out. 1 to water the trees n the other to make compost,cat does his duty in leaf pile. Make coffee,go outside take a big whiff of fresh air n choke,since i quit smokin not use to fresh air . Used 2 b siggy first thing b 4 anything else. I'd like 2 know where all that money is im savin,now that i don't smoke. Come back in make a coffee n go surf n check spam i mean mail.lol I can hear water runnin, its just the bathtub tap. I get up 2 get another coffee,i hear a waterfalls,muffled sound. In kitchen the sound is louder comin from basement,i go down n all i can see is water . Put my boots on n, im thinkin my solderin from my plumbing job ,has come apart. But it was my hotwater tank,it sprung a leak inside the tank. Good thing i got sump hole put in when i poured cement floor, don't know how deep the water could have got. It reached my furnace but water never got deep enough 2 do harm. I was thinkin of moppin the floor don't need it now. Good thing its a rental. When i phoned hydro about hotwater tank ,some women tried to give me shit 4 wiatin so long to ask 4 replacement.. I asked her when did hydro break up its company into different small companies she said in 2000. So i gave her shit,i told her just after the government made them break up there monopoly i phoned about a replacment,a women then told me was only 9 years old n dont need. Thats the first time i knew u could b prejudice over the phone, if u don't sound white u don't matter . I've heard my voice over phone on message or on tape i don;t sound white. Im proud 2 say. God i hate dealing with white people but they run everything or operate bussineses u can't live without. Now thats a monopoly. Well thats enough about me lets talk about my computors skills or lack there of. I do things on n 2 my blog i know not how . Like when i missplaced my whole blog,but lucky for me dumb luck prevailed n i found it again. Not sure how but it don't matter it came back. It will not b the last time i screw up my blog. But i met this person through bloggin n she offered to help me tweek my blog,ok,she offered to fix my screw up.lol It's not often a person will offer help to someone they don't know, but she offered 2 help me. But shes nish thats what makes her the kind of person she is. Pebbles i just want to thank you here on my blog where others will see it. It's nice 2 know i can come 2 u if i need help. Well i better go and find somthing manly 2 do b 4 i get emotional. lol.....stay away from yellow slush...ppl.............later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Awww your so very welcome! It was a pleasure to help you and i really had fun! Im always willing to help anyone even if i dont know them. I love how it makes me feel inside. =)

6:41 PM  

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