Friday, November 26, 2004

Sad Day For Our Co-op-it's demise is immenent

We had a board meetin n it don't look good. Our operations manager resigned,the glue that held things together. Internal family strife, her brother could not go with consensious could not get along with managment. Got backin of his tokeing buddies ,1 a board of director n other a F_ _kin wannabe. A little coup deta ,for lack of a better word. I honestly think we had a chance 2 turn things around but we'll never find out. Now that i sit back n think about the way things happened ,mayb we were set up 2 fail. If u borrow money ud think the money should come up front for operating expences. When our co-op started a board of director n a cronie tried the same thing when we first got started. Some of us were board of directors n incorperators , so the guy got that napolian complex he thought he was more important than he really was. He 4got co-op meant us not me n the all mighty dollar. Thats what happens when they see so much money n think the pot will never run dry. Funders were slow with financing right off thr hop, they said hurry sign these papers n the money will b fast tracked. Yah right. When u start off new n end up thousands in the hole its hard 2 get out. If only the money came when they said it would ,i would'nt b writting this. See what happens tomorrow,all those people that said we were gonna fail , will b rubbin it in. So i guess i'll get ready to do some bitch slappin if anybody gets in my face. Mayb i'll be of a better mind after a good nights sleep. Almost midnight so i guess i'll go chattin. Another storm watch 4 my area,if anyu want sno email me n i'll git the midzin out n send u some. Remember peeps u should'nt eat yellow snow even if it look like keep warm........later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Sunday morning we had a wicked storm! Winds, torrential rains. It was scary! Lasted for hours...

12:14 AM  

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