Monday, November 22, 2004

another sunday-oh joy

Last race of the season and i missed the end.{nascar} Still cold n rainey,feels like snow. Hope n0t still have 2 arrange 2 get funace home,yes im still tryin. And my furnaceman should b here this week,he 2 said weeks its been 3 or 4. Checked out a few chat rooms earlier ,on 3 there was 3 or 4 of us,so off 2 cherokeeshes chat i went always ppl there, not as many as other times. Must b a holiday,is it turkey day? Ours was last month mmmmmmmmi love turkey almost as much as wild meat..wink, My grandson brought me some venison hamburg, he's 12 been goin hunting with the men 4 3 years n he gets a cut of whatever they get. Can't wait till he goe's moose hunting with them,i can taste the steaks now.................... yummy. Let my dogs run free today 4 a bit, 1 good thing i don't have 2 chase them down{yeh right chase} they come back after their done pissin on trees,hydro poles,mailboxes n anything other dogs mark. My 3 legged dog {snoopy} is missin his left front leg,now picture this he can balance on his 2 right legs or his left rear n right front n still lift his leg 2 piss. He's a bit of a perv ,he likes peekin in the neighbors windows,they get him bones from butcher. So thats his daily routine go peek in window ,look cute n get a treat. Thats what i used 2 do in the silver dollar{indian bar} to get a treat. Look cute, not the peek in window Oh i miss Toronto,sometimes then the feelin goe's away. Well i guess i go look 4 ppl 2 chat with see who gets kicked off


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