Sunday, November 21, 2004

My youngest phoned last night

Another day is almost gone with little accomplished. 2 cold n wet 2 work outside,still rainin here at least u don't have 2 shovel was tellin ppl chat was on 4 tonite but its not till sun. at 9:00 not sure if est or ct. nobody sent me hate mail about the lies i spread....''yet''lollllllll i checked out native american chat friends durin the day n that when i gave out wrong info. but i thought ......but u know what happened 2 thought.. i went on cherokeeshes chat had a good time 4 hours flew by just like that, not usually on there till 10-11pm. was talkin with women from illinois ,tryin 2 find her ancestry,her mom was adopted at 1 month of age. her mom never would tell her where her roots were,anyone might have known r all passed away. goverment wont help,just say case closed,sounds like canadian gov offices,not there 2 help. had 2 cut it short with her hav 2 leave 9-10pm. open in case my son called. and sure enough he called, it will b 8 years this jan. went he went inside,i know he took blame 4 somone else,sometimes i wish r ppl were not like that. he'll b elegible 4 camp this year or at least back 2 min security ,which is across the road from camp. b closer 2 home i can visit ,he told me not 2 bother visit now 2 far away. cant afford right now anyhoo. he may get parole after new year which is good i already try line up job 4 when he gets out. his son was about 1 or1 1/2 when he went away. his sons mom is doin all she can to make him forget his dad ,, i live on same rez an i never see him,only time i see him is when he with his gram. ''bitch'' runnin around on my son while she visit him in jail,she should have ended it instead of sneakin around. she married the guy now there on the outs,n shes whorein around now. better change subject gettin real pissed off sittin better go anyway it late gn all............later


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