Monday, November 29, 2004

''Saturday And Sunday''

Did'nt do much on sat. or even today except think of the end of our co-op. Oh well we tried our best. No use beatin a dead horse they say,so i wont b talkin about it anymore. The snow is finally gone been rainin 4 last couple a days. Now my yards all mud. And ill b goin nuts with all this free time and nothin to do. Spent most of the day takin out 3 trojan horsies and a I E highjacker. I downloaded some paris n nicky hilton screen savers off of msn. From that little pop up when u loadin msn , i thought it would be safe. I can tell ppl I caught somthing from the Hilton sisters and it will be the truth. As a matter of fact i"ll start sending that rumour out to my chat buddies and anyone else that will listen. LOL J K. Do that and it will surely come back and bite u in the ass. lol Besides im a gentleman i don't kiss and tell...........lollllll Better go to bed soon im startin to hear things i hope its just cats n dog. And not that snake that went missing in here...........jk...When i was a kid i my brother n my dad were goin to the bush to cut wood. just before we left a crow landed in the porch {mud room}near the dogs dish it ate. then it came into the kitchen as i was leavin anyway i put some food down for it. i said see u when we get back. We got back 3-4 hours later i ran in the house right away to check on crow. I looked all over the house upstairs downstairs for it but could not find it. There was no place for it to hide n our house was not that big. At the time i thought it just turned back into a human to get out the door or window. window probably because u needed key to lock n unlock the doors back then. Strange or what Eh. Gives me willies now to think about it.Since im up anyway n cant sleep heres another. My sister lived down the road from us mayb 1/4 mile u could see her house it was right on the corner, now i cant remember if it was her dad Wash or neighbour Shobah-deese anyway u look west towards another neighbours house howard{boop}soup in ojib, the ground is very uneven when ppl wake across it on the pathway they look like they go up,down,up,down,cause of little ridges. Well one of them saw his dog comin home, so he runs in house to get gun. He watches as dog gets closer n closer,n when its close enough he shoots it dead .{ he loved this dog} Why u think , when the dog was comin across the uneven ground it was not followin the contour of the ground . It came straight across not up n down with the ground. It was his dog but it was possessed by bear-walker thats what we call things like that. These are true. So what do u think there Pebbles, have u heard stories like these b4. I used to go visit my aunt n she would tell me ask who was good witch and who was bad. She would tell me all kinds of things and then i'd have to walk home after midnight. Its a good thing my dog always came with me where ever i went,or i would have stayed with my jk I was never scared to walk home at night alone,i always felt safe. better quit b4 i scare myself lol. gn Pebbles.........later ppl click .click


Blogger Pebbles said...

A be-lated goodnight to you!

11:28 PM  

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