Wednesday, November 24, 2004

trouble in paradise

One more time, i had my blog done, scewed it up somehow. If i posted u would have had 2 scroll 2 far down from header 2 start readin. had 2 print n delete. Now im retypin,someday i'll know what im doin..ha,ha,ha,.grrrrrrr..
Well we been tryin 2 get federal inspectors in to our shop,2 let us know what were lacking 4 federal certification . A to do list of sorts. We found that we were operating outside the rules in some things. Things not good 4 federal certification but at least we can still operate under provincial certificate. We had inspector stop by at different times n he saw the same thing ,the other ones did n did'nt see anything wrong. I wonder why now a'' conspiracy'' the government don'nt want nish 2 get ahead. Well ''F__K EM'' , we'll just keep putterin along the way we've been goin. We will still reach our goal of providing jobs n financial help 2 our people n our commercial fisherman n fisherwomen. Yes we have commercial fisherwomen on this rez im proud 2 say. When we won this fishery in court,they paid millions 2 non-native fisherman 2 buy them out so we could get there quota. And they would'ny provide funding 4 our ppl 2 buy boats,nets, n other equipment needed 2 safely fish our traditional waters. Our traditional waters n we had 2 go 2 white mans court and win back what was rightfully ours anyway. First our chief of the time n other fisherman had 2 b charged,in order 4 this wrong in a white court. After that the Ministry of Natural Resources wont charge anyone now, might win somthing else back that was ours by rights. We went from fishing in an area the size of manhatten island to the size od New York state. This is'nt exact comparison but u get the picture,still the difference is huge. Cape Croker will give info on true comparaison {lil help from Tiny spell} but somtimes no time 2 use. Jeeze Louise why u let me get all wound up like that. lol Time 2 get off soap box n take a valium or at least a cup of bush tea. Have 2 feed my dogs,cats,squarrels n my birds. My dependants ,they don't bitch at me or complain . Not 2 my face mayb behind my back, EH. lol Keep warm ppl n happy turkey 2 my u.s.nish buds we had ours last month.................later 6'' of snow n blowin, saaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lol


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