Sunday, November 07, 2004


Went on line 2 look 4 urban indian n there she was ''GONE''. took me awhile 2 find nish bloggers,hard 2 find anything when ur new 2 comps. but found some tru aptn,they never had all that much on their site b 4. now they have lots 2 see. pebbles was first 1 of the blogs i posted 2 even though it was a kind of a bad time in her life. thought i should post somthing anyhow ,hoping it was'nt out of line. but she thanked me for my post, which made me feel better. it's hard 2 know when 2 post cause there's lots of peeps out there with probs. no doot aboot it,eh. im gettin more comfy with bloggin, my first posts im not sure how i did that, and then missplacing my blog all 2gether lol. im on'' the mikmaq room'' n ''native american chat friends'' good way 2 find nish i hav'nt seen in years,or make new friends . heard from sister inlaws ex on chat,not seen him in years . never comes home anymore, got new life. good 4 him. we used 2 not get along,put up with 1 another cause we worked together. but peeps mellow out as they mature, sounds better than when they get old. ur only as old as u feel. so how come i feel n look like _ _ _ _ hell. i never worked on blog 2day ,was outside all day. had 2 move my dog runs 4 winter n change my sensor lights. never thought i'd say this but i miss coming home smelling like fish,it's the smell of money. hope the wind dies down soon ,not likely till mon now. damn. oh well lots of yard work n my basement needs to b cleaned out. have 2 quit sayin can't throw that out come in handy someday. it's j c van damme night, i guess i'll watch some ass kickin ,blood n gore my kind of movie. got 10 or 11 msn messages in the past few minutes,maybe it's an long lost friend or an ex. see yall sun..have good night ..............later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Hi there! It takes a lot to be out of line with me. You werent even close so dont worry about anything you say. =)

I had the message up saying i moved for a short time with the link but took it down since i dont know how long it would stay up before finally being permanetly deleted. The server is closing down for good. I dont know whats going to happen to my site after that. Either we will get a new server or i will be without a site. Will keep you posted. Sorry for all the crazyness. I just found last night. Apparently i was warned the other day about this but never checked my email.

10:52 AM  

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