Monday, November 08, 2004


I finally found some peeps on cherokeeshes chat friends, that was some experience 4 a 1 finger typer. was able 2 get my 2 centavos in. peeps from all over the world,lots of nish. hey pebbles or dana or anyone ever chat. if u do maybe we chatted,hard 2 tell who's who, male or female. talked 2 some nish from canada but no one from my area. it's supposed to snow but i hope not,still got a pile of gravel 2 spread on my driveway, every spring a mud hole 4 a driveway. not this spring. still can't catch up 2 that councilor who voted against my proposal, i'm not gonna do any thing just want 2 know why. just cause his bussinesses failed. u won't catch me at casino with company funds ,not right even if ur company. he forgot he had employees. my house i built in the 70's still not finished just like any rez. don't give u enough money 2 complete ur house. 10.000 back then now they get 40 -80 thou. still not enough , try n build 2 big. well it a shorty tonight watched the patriot last night with mel gibson did'nt end till 5:00am ,had 2 be up 2 go 2 owen sound for 9. so im beat catch u all monday................later


Blogger Pebbles said...

Ive only been to one native chat room before but i didnt talk. Just sat and watched so i dont think you and me ever chatted. It would be fun to try though! Maybe one night we will meet up!

11:25 PM  

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