Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Ananother little job- why do i do it

Well not much happened 2day ,nobody could get hold of me. was on comp so can't take calls or make calls. our manager was lookin 4 me,we had 2 sign papers 4 another $60.000 smackers, gotta keep our co-op afloat. then she took me out 4 lunch,had chowder n western on brown..mmmmm,always tastes better when someone else buys. married women ,sit back n wait 4 gossip 2 start. tattoo was at the restaurant likes 2 tease, he's all of 4'9''or 10''. remember fantasy island...the plane boss the plane,he's never lost that name. good captain 2 work 4 on the tugs ,he knows what he's doin, most jk. my dog come scratchin at bedroom door wantin in,rearranged the furniture,he got scared n went back in livin room. another this wont take long job,guess what. i found i had ta pull up carpet, move every thing 2 one side,pull up n lay carpet flat then start draggin n carryin every thing over top. that was a job n a half started at 6:00 n fin at 12:00. still have 2 scrape up foam backing that stuck 2 floor. have to fix that 1 of these days [ PA KETTLE]..yuk yuk . well i guess i'll see whats on 4 a movie this time of mornin a sci-fi that will do, or dog the bounty


Blogger Pebbles said...

You sound like me. You start what you think will be a little project and it turns into a HUGE one! Not to long ago i decided my 2 very small bedroom closests need organizing and i figured i could get it done in one day and oh man... It took me a week! My bedroom was a disaster! I had to climb over stuff to get around. Finally i got it all put away. Never again will i attempt to clean and organize 2 closests at the same time! :/

3:55 PM  

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