Monday, November 15, 2004

im goin to hell- the devil won't let me in

well i never made it 2 church, was cuttin cord wood when church was on [ sawin logs] lol, like they say it's the thought that counts. eh lol woke up at noon thanks 2 phone,thought i was dreamin, could hear bells. let my dogs run loose 2day 1 at a time or they don't come back right away. like bad kids keep them separated n there good, put um together n ,well u get the picture. reminds me of me back in my younger days. if u ever hear, don't write ur name on jailhouse walls or u b back 2 wash it off. its true cause it happed 2 me. but i been on the straight n narrow since 1989, when i left toronto 4 good. makes me sad when i think of all my friends i left behind. thats a story 4 another time. not sure if canada has statuate of limitation, i was a bad boy in the 80's, nothin violent,just ur run of the mill petty criminal. somtimes big petty n somtime lil
what 2 do on mon. oh ya fix 1 more leak so i can use shower. well time for bed. gn all..........later


Blogger Pebbles said...

I think all of us were bad at one time in our lives. I know i was as a teenager. I never did jail time though but i got into serious trouble in other ways. My brother on the other hands been in jail. A place i dont want to go to... At least you came ok. I think for my brother it made him worse. He became homeless, living on the streets. Today he lives out of town. Estranged from my family. Not welcomed back.

My cats when there all together can be like a bunch of kids beating on each other. Fur and claws flying everywhere. Animals are like kids in a lot of ways!

I always hear people get upset about not going to church. They would feel quilty. Me ive never been to church. To me church is in my heart. I can go to it anytime and anywhere. =)

Have a great night! Goodnight!

2:02 AM  
Blogger anishinaboy said...


Came across your blog by reading Pebbles.

Interesting blog you got here. Good to read some Canadian Ab stuff.


11:54 PM  

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