Friday, November 19, 2004

a quiet night of watchin tv with my eyes closed.

Had a nice quiet day at home, damn its borin when ur not workin. jumped out of bed this am.,put coffee on ,check mail,feed n water ,cats,dogs,birds,squarrels. it's 5:30 it'll take 1/2 hour 2 feed n water all my dependants. i looked at tv n wonder why breakfast television is'nt on, on every am. at 6:00. it was'nt on cause i woke up at 4:30 ''DUH'' . this time of morn i can hear all the fisherman headin 4 work, i wish i was goin with them. i miss the money 800.00-2,000/week most times. u leave here at 4 -5 am. leave dock hour later n u don't get home till midnight - 1:00am,same thing 7 days /week. somedays u get in sooner cause u did'nt catch that much fish. u have 2 take the good with the bad. so when u have a slow week n only make 400.00 -500.00 bucks u feel cheated,cause ur spoiled. its hard n dangerous work,the job could kill ya in the blink of an eye if ur not careful,or hurt u real bad. i know that from personal experience. but u got 2 love the job n the water. just respect the water n u b ok. the whitefish runs is on,tugs are gettin avg. 80- 100 boxes or more of fish @100 lbs/box, @$100-$110.00/box. even the punts can get 50 boxes/day. the run lasts 1-2 weeks or if we reach our quota as of last week we still had 700,000lbs. could b done by xmas then new season starts on jan. 1st. if it don't freeze up fish all winter,if it freezes then u set net under ice. the way our ppl did 4 eons. manager n our trouble shooter stopped by,had 2 go owen sound with 2 sign papers 4 more money. i got my name on so many papers i forget what all i jk. my neph stopped by wanted a designated driver they goin 2 karioke night guess that how u spell it. i got no license,got taken away nothin illegel,just owe gov. money no sense of humour those guys. besides it'll b a year in feb. i quit smokin cold turkey, if i in bar might get urge 2 smoke,even if smokin outlawed in public establishments. i was relaxin anyway. hav'nt drank since aug. 2003 , geeze b 2 year this comin aug. i've turned into a monk. besides i've always had a drinkin problem im not ashamed 2 admit........................................2 hands and only 1 mouth..ha,ha,ha,ha. mayb i should have gone 2 drink,i usually go 2 the pacific hotel every 2 years, get drunk turn ''INDIAN'' get kicked out 4 night n go back in 2 years. always same waitress kicks me out 2,i think she has a thing 4 me. lol she kind of redneck anyway.. there r lots of those around here. well i better quit runnin off at the mouth here. its a good thing i can't type id b writin a small novel every post. hey pebbles -i was readin anishinaboy blog he mention 3 questions- so lets give it a try ask me 3 questions, ill answer truthfully [as he crosses his fingers behind his back]lol..... hey woody if ur readin this can we arrange a day 4 me 2 pick up furnace. call me. gn n tc pebbles n anyone readin this, till tomorrow. i gotta get back 2 watchin my movie with eyes


Blogger Pebbles said...

I remember doing 3 questions with a few others in the past. Ok heres 3 for you.

1. Have you ever been to another country?

2. After watching a horror movie can you sleep without getting up to see what every sound you hear is coming from like me? lol!

3. If you believe in past lives what do you think you did for a living?

4:51 PM  

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