Wednesday, December 15, 2004

''Almost Finished My Livin-Room Of I'll Repute''

Well i just hope it dont dry as bright red as this Have 2 put red light bulbs outside n hire some escorts on credit....Hmmmmmmmm...j k. lol. I am now a law abidin citizen n a piller of the community. Can i interest u in some swamp land or some natural ojibway viagra. Put the last primer coat on,ready 4 finish coat tomorrow. Somebody told me 2 put on 2 coats n do a better job so i did but boy did i sweat up a storm. Speakin of storm it finally quit snowin . Got up 2 about 12'' but my plow man came by 2 do my driveway n in front which savs me. I give up on shovelin snow its 2 hard on the old ticker, never had a prob in that way. But why take the chance i say,after all im not a spring chicken my sister says but i can still out work those young bucks. I can really piss ppl off when i tell i forgot more than they;ll ever know,which i believe 2 b true . I've been learnin n workin since i was 11-12. My brother got polio just b4 he started school, but i n him use 2 take tractor n trailer in2 bush 2 get a load of poles 4 winter wood. Those r good memories of me n my brother, i still feel i have 2 watch over him. Does'nt matter he older than me ,just a year anyway. But r dad gettin or makin us work at a young age did nothin but help us get used 2 work. We were small but we could still load poles on trailer that a full grown man could'nt lift
all u needed to know was ,how 2 use leverage. Well better think about bed gonna start paintin around 5am. try anyway, i hear u laughin . My buddy wants 2 move some furniture tomorrow,he the 1 givin me funiture. Hence the new paint job. Well good-night ppl.....later


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