Sunday, December 19, 2004

''2 Cold 4 My Dogs Or Their Spoiled''

I put my dogs out n back on their chains n they started 2 fuss. It is pretty cold out there my nostrils stuck 2gether n that wind chill is somthin else. So i went out 2 let them back in they headed right 4 the door no running 2 nearest tree 4 a quick squirt. They would have had an icicle hangin off their johnston or johnson take ur pick 1s american slang n other canadian slang, i think or did i just make that up ,ha,ha,ha. As 4 my cats their quite content 2 look out window. My birds still eatin,everytime the seed gets covered with snow i put a little more out. There r 2 sets of Cardinals out 2day n a dozen or so Mourning Doves n numorous other sparrows n finches . I've got birds of every kind out there 2day. I've yet 2 c a Raven . I saw a pilated woodpecker earlier this summer first 1 ever. Boy r they huge compared 2 our natural 1s. I bought some suet 4 birds fruit n nut, peanutbutter, n all season poor things need fat this time of year. Well better go freeze my bollocks off n hang the suet feeder...........later bird lovers


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