Sunday, December 19, 2004

''Winters Back With A Vengance''

Well it started snowin again last night about 4-5 pm. Wind just a howellin right off the lake . So time 2 bring my dogs in. Outside 5 minutes almost froze,snap links on dogs r froze. 1 good thing about the wind if there is a good thing. Its blowin so hard my driveway is not driftin, snows blowin right off n in2 the bush. Let my dogs out 1 at a time last nite or else they take off.
Snow still blowin cant c the road,hope Snoopy n dogs know enough 2 get of road when snow-plow or plow truck comes.
Let them all out 4:30, sure enough they took even Snoopy. They must have waited on him so he could keep up thats why he usually dont go with. He came back first so mayb got tired of waitin for him n left him behind. Dogs will do that on purpose, my first Sparky took a young dog i was given out on a run n left him bhind somewhere,had 2 go look 4 My plowman said he stayed in town last night n roads were bad comin in 2 the rez could'nt c 2 drive. White outs all the way in he said. I better go feed the squarrels n birds i c them out there lookin 4 feed. They usually eat b4 a storm ,these guys did'nt. Wind blowin hard ,must b cold tryin 2 find seed in snow n feeder. I feelin sorry 4 em so i go feed em...........later ppl.


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