Friday, December 17, 2004

''Snowin n Blowin n Cold Enough 2 Freeze The Balls Off A Brass Monkey''

Wind howlin out there just couldnt leave my dogs out. My tv tower is takin a beatin hope its ok or it'll rip off my gable end. I let them run b4 i brought them in now i cant hear tv 4 huffin n puffin. My poor out of shape dogs . Just imagine if they didnt have a run n just a chain attached 2 a tree. Only b able 2 move length of chain. I have them on a hundred foot line so lots of excercise , gotta watch or u get clothes lined.
Well my bud never showed up so no bugandy paint n no paintin 2day. Tomorrow i have 2 bite the bullet n ask for welfare. Already cut off my satelite feed, dont want 2 lose my phone. No phone no puter, i will not get by without my comp. What did i do b4 comps, oh had a job n no time 4 comp except at night. Now i have all the time in the world n no money. Damn, gonna b a poor xmas, as long as i get my turkey n all the trimmins i b happy . Get my grandkids here n forget about bein broke. I was never this broke when i was in Toronto. But i was a bad guy back then non violent, but i could always make money. But then i was a functioning alcoholic. But thats another story, one of many in my many years of debauchery.
Went on cherokeeshe chat had a good time, checked out native american chat n 3 mik maq chats,but always go back ti cherokee. Some ppl missin then again so was i 4 a few days. Almost 2am time 4 bed if my puppies make room. lol......later peeps


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