Saturday, December 18, 2004

''My Huskey- Chow X First Kill''

Wow ten bells ,been awhile since i slept this late. I let my dogs loose late Fri. nite or early Sat. mornin . Depends how u look at it. I let em go about 1:30 am. they did'nt come back till 4:30am. I had 2 stay up 2 tie them back up. I don't let run loose all the time we already have all kinds of dogs runnin loose. Just at night or durin the day when im out with them. Besides they might get shot,theirs ppl around here that shoot dogs just 4 the sake of shootin them. My husky came home first so i went 2 tie him up n i saw somthing on the ground i gave it a kick 2 roll it over. MY dog was watchin me kick his rabbit, he let me check it over b4 he ate it. I think he just wanted 2 show me cause after i saw it ,did'nt take him long 2 eat it. All my tripod Snoopy could find next mornin was tufts of fur, poor dog. lol. He figured out another way 2 pee on trees with 3 legs, he uses the leg he lifts 2 pee,he puts that against the object hes pissin on . Where there a will theres a way. He was very proud of his first kill ,usually they eat where they kill but he wanted 2 bring home. MY 70 lb. puppy is a Big Sucky Dog now.
Its cold as can b agin ,but no wind so dogs r ok. No snow 2 speak of ,tryin though. Good i can do without 4 awhile. If ur nostrils stick closed when u go out turn around n go back advice from ur neighborly Ojib...later..ppl...

PS-No paintin beutiful ceilin, butt ugly walls. What can u do. I fix this week somtime.


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