Thursday, December 16, 2004

''Hells Bells -Blood Clot Red wallz''

Well thats what i get 4 bein cheap i mean thrifty. No matter how carefully i applied paint it went on splotchey n looked even worse after it dried. I just did 1 corner so ,hopefully i can hide it with another 10 coats of primer , lol. If i was'nt so busy laughin there would b a big red splotch of snow in my front yard. I could have spilt it down the front of my shirt n staggered out 2 the road. Wonder if any1 would have stopped or even caled 4 help. Probably not they'd want 2 get paid first, how times have changed 4 the worse. Oh well F_ _ k em all. Like they say u get what u paid 4, right now i'd sure like 2 run into they in a dark alley. Oh ,just had a flash back Toronto in the 80's. Those were fun times n i have the scars 2 prove it. Well i have a couple of options i could mix some white 2 it not 2 make it pink but cut the red a bit. I have a tan or sand coloured paint wonder what id end up with mix with red, i think the color is called Vahalla . My buddy has burgandy or purpleish paint might b a better color. Oh well c what tomorrow brings. I'll sleep on it mayb i dream up a solution. My weather ticker 4 my area calls 4 drifting snow but not even snowin . Probably on the higher elevations a snow storm thats only a mile away n the weather could b different in just that small distance. If it can rain at the back of a house n not in front, i guess mother nature can do whatever the hell she wants..BAH up


Blogger Pebbles said...

Oh man i think the paint fumes are getting to you lol! Im sure someone would stop to see if your ok.

8:18 AM  

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