Thursday, January 20, 2005

''Driftin Snow''cont.

Well i got my cardio workout this afternoon, i shoveled my driveway. It was 6'' of fluffy snow so was'nt to hard. I forgot how big my drive really is till i have 2 shovel After i done mine i went n shoveled my bro's walkway n deck. I saw his scooter tracks outside ,it can motor through 6'' of fluffy snow. Must have really wanted 2 read the paper,i gave him hell anyway. He should'nt do that i said,he took his crutches just in case he got stuck in snow. When i got home after doin my bro's walkway our plowman shows up. Thats ok i saved myself 10.00 bucks n it was'nt that hard. It never fails somthin like that always happens. I may b shovelin agin tomorrow. Got my dogs in its cold -30 2nite n its snowin n blowin. We gonna get lake effect snow which could end up bein a lot. One thing i noticed while i was shovelin near the road cars n trucks go by n ppl look straight ahead. Only thing i can figure is they dont want 2 look in case u stop them n ask 4 help. Or they feel guilty n if they look then they have 2 stop n help. How things have changed at 1 time it was u scratch my back n i'll scratch your back. Now it's i'll help u as long as u pay me. To me thats not bein a traditional indian. Well better go there's a news special i want to catch on the tsunami after Jay Leno. Better check n c that i did'nt let any pets out, my somtimers may have kicked in...later.....


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