Thursday, February 10, 2005

''ANOTHER HUMP DAY''has come n gone,it's all down-hill from here.

Well had expensive week nsf charge 3x25.00 dolla. Put money in Jan.31 2 cover my ISP. ISP attempt 2 debit on 28th. First charge,i check my account on line n 25.00 dolla taken out so i think debit is covered. ''NOT'' . Isp attempt 2 more times 2x 25.00 dolla. No damn wonder The Royal Bank Of Canada has such huge profits. The poor shmuck gets the shaft,OK im the shmuck in this story. Sorry 2 say,costly live n learn lesson. Isp gave me 2 options i could cancil internet 4r 6 months at no charge or get 2 months free n pay the outstanding 22.95. I must have taken option 2 cause im postin. I can't live without my internet ,i think i need '' Internet Annonymous'' jk. I can quit anytime i want......really i can. I wonder if there's such a thing as internet withdrawal. mmmmmmmmmmmm Avril levigne on Jay Leno Show. Listenin 2 Lee Ann Rimes -Can't Fight The Moonlight- I enjoy'ed Coyote Ugly it was'nt a bad movie. I knew a bar like that in Toronto on Young Street. AND HOW WAS UR DAY PEBBLES,ever have 1 of those weeks. What they charge in the US 4 internet/month.If i may ask. Was expectin a few Dinero's last week ,woulda been laughin if it came in. I gotta learn not to depend on ppl,i always get shafted. Thats it im only gonna depend on number 1,namily moi. But then agin u gotta watch him But i know i can kick his a55,how some write ass on chat. Brought my cat in he went out black n came back white a real fine snow fallin. But bitter cold out there had 2 bring my mutts in. Mayb i'll jump on chat 2night ,it;s been awhile. Well catch yall later.......orr voooor-ever eat whore's doovers, excuse my french...........


Blogger Pebbles said...

Yesterday i wasnt feeling to well. Was in a bad mood all day. =(

For interent it varies. You can spend 20 dollars or almost 30 dollars here in the states. I pay like 24 dollars or something... Have to get back to you on that one.

11:05 PM  

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